Welcome! Snap Happy, Inc. was born in love. On June 3, 2014 a joy greater than I can define came into my life. My first grandchild, Alexander, was born into a family that loves him beyond measure. Any grandmothers out there know exactly what I mean. He is, dare I say it, perfect in every way. Six months old at the time of the writing of this introduction, Alex is a happy child with a pleasant disposition, talking up a storm and learning to eat new foods. There is nothing difficult about this wonderful little boy.

Buying clothing for Alexander is another story altogether. We (as a family) have had difficulty finding garments with easy access for clothing and diaper changes because Alex was born with a clubfoot. His birthday is, ironically, World Clubfoot Day 2014, Dr. Ponseti's 100 year birthday. He wears boots and bar 23 hours per day. We started with Ponseti casts and now boots and bar are a part of our lives. Since we have had such a difficult time locating clothing with wider legs and snap inseams I took it upon myself after speaking with my husband and adult children to start Snap Happy.

Snap Happy, Inc. is not "everything to everyone"!  Our focus is simply to become a provider of quality snap pants and jeans, other apparel and accessories. We are here for you. If you don't see what you need, please let us know. We are growing and our offering will become more robust with time.